Why is the cost of healthcare escalating?

Why is the cost of healthcare escalating? The fact is, Americans consume a very high volume of medical treatment for what doctors are now calling “lifestyle” diseases. “Lifestyle” diseases are those that are caused by our own choices, such as eating fat, sugar, and/or living a sedentary lifestyle. The treatments for lifestyle-related diseases have been escalating at very high pace in this country since the 1980s, largely in the form of prescription drugs for Type II Diabetes and High Cholesterol. Keeping the same pace during this period is the weight of Americans. According to the CDC, 2/3 of Americans are now overweight or obese. Given the well-documented facts, the answer to the question lies with simple economics: higher demand equals higher prices. And…insurance simply reflects the cost of repair.

But if the cost to treat a disease which can be controlled by lifestyle is so high, why do Americans continue to consume treatment instead of changing lifestyle? More to come…



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